Tank Types for the Industrial and Commercial Market

Two basic types are available, namely:

i) One Piece Tanks

ii) Sectional Tanks

One Piece Tanks

Material of construction is moulded GRP.

This tank type is particularly suited to the smaller capacity range of water storage as it comes ready to use, is easily handled and requires no specialist site installation work.

Generally these tanks, for equal capacity, are less costly than a comparable Sectional Tank. There are also occasions when it is beneficial to use Large One Piece Tanks due to positioning and/or strategic use.

A One Piece Tank must be provided with a flat and level base, free from any local protrusions and be fully supported across its base. It is recommended for practical purposes that the base be 300mm larger than the tank plan dimensions.

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One Piece Tank

Sectional Tanks

A modular tank system of standard moulded GRP panels bolted together, to construct tanks ranging in capacity from 0.5m3 to 1600m3 and larger, is the method adopted for limited access or large capacity water storage.

Three basic Sectional Tank types are available:

a) TOTALLY INTERNALLY Flanged Base and Sides - (TIF)

b) EXTERNALLY Flanged Base and Sides - (EFB)

c) INTERNALLY Flanged Base / EXTERNALLY Flanged Sides -(IFB)

Each tank type has its own particular advantage or benefit for an individual project or site location.

Totally Internally Flanged (TIF)

This type of sectional tank is required when the space available for water storage is very restricted.

In essence all flange fasteners are internal thus eliminating the need for external access to tank for assembly or possible future maintenance.

Specially designed corner panels minimise flange bolting.


i) Fits into a space not possible with other tank types

ii) Has a very good outward appearance

iii) Can be made any depth up to a maximum of 3m due to special moulding design


i) Cannot fully self drain

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IFB Tank

Externally Flanged Base Tank (EFB)

Specifically suited for positions where there are no space restrictions.

All fasteners on base and side flanges are accessible from outside the tank.


i) fully drainable

ii) easier to maintain as access is available to all side and base fasteners


i) Minimum 500mm access clearance required to all sides, base and cover.

ii) Base supports, positioned at 1m centres in one direction only, must not be wider than a desirable 100mm.

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EFB Tanks
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Internally Flanged Base Tank (IFB)

Ideally suited for locations where height or headroom is restricted.

The base panels’ flange fasteners are internal and submerged within the tank.


i) A possible 500mm gain in tank depth from that of an EFB type

ii) Access still available to tanks’ side fasteners

iii) Generally a simpler base support structure required


i) Cannot fully self drain

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IFB Tank
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