Water Treatment Services

Potable Water Treatment

Every newly installed water system for potable use is required to be commissioned in accordance with BS6700.

Brimar Plastics Ltd has the capability of a commissioning service that consists of water storage tank disinfection, Post Disinfection Sample and Certification to satisfy the commissioning element of your specification. All this backed up by Health and Safety risk assessments, Method Statements and MSDS for the disinfection media.

Why stop at the water tank, our water treatment service team can disinfect the entire system, we will need to know more details than just the tank size, so please contact us with the details.


Heating and Chilled Water Systems

Do you have a chilled water or heating system? Our water treatment team can offer:

  • Chemical cleaning and flushing to BSRIA standards
  • Dosing of inhibitors
  • Measurement of existing glycol levels and top up as necessary
  • Water system sampling and analysis for both closed systems and domestic systems.

Closed systems are typically tested for pH, TDS, Iron, Copper, Phosphate, Glycol, Nitrite and Molybdate based inhibitors.


One step further… we don’t just leave you there, our water treatment team will discuss a maintenance regime to suit all budgets. Maintenance of the equipment installed and the systems is essential in today’s environmentally conscious world. Ensuring equipment is working at its optimum will extend the systems working life and thus reduce waste through replacement.

Water tanks, for example, need to be inspected every six months (ACoP L8) to identify stagnation, ensure the inlet valve is operating correctly and does not show signs of corrosion, check the ambient air, mains and stored water temperatures (certain temperature zones will promote the growth of bacteria).

Closed systems need to be test regularly to ensure sufficient amounts of corrosion inhibitor exist to protect the system and its components. Glycol levels need to be checked to prevent mechanical failure during periods of freezing temperatures.

All of this available from our water treatment team.


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